Victoria Band 8 Trip Itinerary

April 29:

7:45 am. Load bus

8:00 am. Leave MSMS

10:15 am. Arrive Ferry Terminal

11:00 am. Ferry leaves for Victoria

1:30 pm. Tour the Parliament

3:30 pm. B.C. Museum

5:00 pm. IMAX presentation

6:00 pm. Dinner at The Spaghetti Factory

7:00 pm. Check into “Hotel Zed” 3110 Douglas Street, Victoria, Phone# 1.250.388.4345

7:15 pm. to 9:00 pm. Time to shop at “Mayfair Mall”

9:15 – 9:30 Curfew (Everyone in his or her assigned hotel room).

April 30

6:00 am. Wake up

7:00 am. Breakfast “Dennys”

9:00 am. Concert at Crystal View Elementary School

10:30 am. Tour of the “Robert Bateman Exhibit”

11:35 am. Set up for concert

12:00 (noon) Concert on the front patio of the Parliament Building.

12:30 pm. Take down and leave asap.

1:00 pm. Leave for ferry

3:00 pm. Reseration on Ferry

6:00 pm. Arrive at MSMS ( Please have someone on call from 5 pm. on. We may if possible catch an earlier ferry that could potentially get us home around 5:00).